Bogdan Cheta

Currently in residence

Born and raised in Romania, Bogdan Cheta now lives and works in Canada. Drifting between the surface of the printed page, the looseness of improvisable walks, or the meandering movements of large-scale installations, his projects usually gather in a search for how to use, and imagine the act of storying as an artisanal technology for place-making. He holds an MFA in Craft from Alberta University of the Arts (2019) and his research is oriented by an attention towards the atmospheric phenomenologies of lived spaces and the objects they contain.Recent presentations of his work include projects at Balice Hertling in Paris,France, 67 Steps in Los Angles, the 12th Havana Biennial in Cuba,and locally, at Stride Gallery, The New Gallery and TRUCK. This is Bogdan’s second presentation with M:ST, and his first collaboration with CommunityWise,the Calgary Queer Arts Society and Mousse Magazine (Milan, Italy).

No French translation available.

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