David Frankovich

Currently in residence

I am interested in in-between-ness — in liminalities, transitions and transformations. Coming to performance from a media arts background, I feel that my practice is itself in a constant state of flux. My work covers a wide range of forms, using many diferent techniques, and can therefore be difficult to pin down. I am much more interested in exploring ideas and following a concept through from start to finish and seeing where it leads me, rather than being committed to any given style or medium.

There are, nevertheless, themes which keep coming up in my work. Gender and sexuality are frequent concerns, and I often try to challenge those perceived binaries and cross those borders. I have also become increasingly more interested in process than product. I like the idea that art exists in the act of performing artistic activity itself, rather than in any object that may be produced as an outcome.

Image credit: Antti Ahonen

No French translation available.

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