This is How we do it: Performing Craftiness

Sunday, October 10, 2010 — 1:30pm
Glenbow Museum

Nicole Burisch will moderate this panel, bringing together Craft Off artists to discuss the intersections of contemporary craft and performance art practices in light of their projects for the M:ST Festival. Several recent craft theorists have proposed considering craft not as a distinct class of objects, but rather as a methodology or a form of knowledge. This panel will interrogate what happens when this “craft knowledge” begins to infiltrate and inform other disciplines including performance, new media and installation practices. How is the vocabulary of craft making – including features of skill, repetition, handwork, decoration, tactility and notions of community/competition – being translated into other fields? How does the live performance of craftwork contribute to the understanding of these kinds of “craft knowledge?”

Dory Kornfeld is a knitter, quilter and doctoral student in Urban Planning at Columbia University in the City of New York. She is interested in the way things fit together, which applies to stitches as well as urban systems. She lives in Brooklyn.

David McCallum works with improvised performance, DIY electronics and locative media and curiosity. He recently stepped down as the editor of Musicworks Magazine and now spends his time making things for himself and others. His most recent work is the Neighbourhoodie, an iPhone-based video game system housed in a hoodie, created in collaboration at the Canadian Film Centre.

Wednesday Lupypciw (Canada) is from Calgary, Alberta, where she pursues a video and performance art practice. To make money she is a part-time maid. She also maintains a concurrent practice in textiles — weaving, machine knitting, embroidery and crochet — but this is done mostly while procrastinating on other, larger projects. The performance art collective LIDS, or the Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society, a loosely knit group of purposefully lazy womenfolk, is one of those projects. She is a Fibre program graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design, and has worked and exhibited in various artist-run spaces throughout Canada including the Textile Museum of Canada, The Art Gallery Of Alberta, The Banff Centre, The Klondike Institution for Arts and Culture, TRUCK and Stride galleries, Harbourfront and Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and EMMEDIA.

Alberta College of Art + Design alumni, Green and Statz are visual artists based in Montréal, Québec. Armed with graduate degrees, they have returned to Canada’s wild west on the ultimate job hunt. Green finds pride in never being lazy, her hands rarely without sticks and string. Statz is stubbornly persistent with an exceptional knowledge of popular videogames. Partners in art and life, Suzen Green and Ryan Statz have each shown work in exhibitions across Canada; M:ST 5 is their first foray into collaboration, a project of both love and sabotage.

This is How we do it: Performing Craftiness


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