Christina Mayder

Currently in residence

My interest in performance art began with endurance work; this was a process of pushing my body to, and beyond, its physical and emotional limits. I found while working in an endurance performance, after a few hours my body would experience and react honestly to its environment. I found this ‘honest bodily reaction’ was what I desired, but it happened too infrequently. After working with the TouVA collective, I gained a greater understanding of how one might achieve an equivalent level of bodily awareness in a shorter period of time. My interest in performance work evolved; I began connecting with objects and trusting in a deeper intuition. All performances began to unfold organically as I started to trust in the action that I felt I must do; instead of the action I thought I should do. Currently, I have developed a furtive practice that is focused on human interactions, allowing me to maintain a creative engagement with my surroundings. In many ways, I feel the furtive work is a day in the studio, experimenting with human connections, relationships, and moments. But no matter what form it takes — endurance, furtive, gestural or otherwise — I am interested in the time that is shared between the audience and artist. Fleeting but present, quick but honest. Whatever it is that happens in that exchange during a live performance is certainly the pièce de résistance.

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