Alysse Bowd

Currently in residence

“the more I laugh…the more I fill with glee…the more the glee…the more I’m a merrier me”

-Mary Poppins.

I believe that my work, whether being built or used, should make me the merriest me imaginable, and so I seek out the laugh in each of my pieces. I make light-hearted pieces that can be filled with the memories of their use. My practice combines delicate ceramics, installation and social performance with drawing and written narrative.

I believe that bells have to be rung, lemonade has to be shared and that there is nothing like the surprise of seeing the contents of a covered sweet dish. I form sentimental attachments to everything, I romanticize the world around me and I am in love with clay, because it allows me to turn daydreams into reality. I am a graduate from the Visual Arts program at Red Deer College and the Ceramic Department at the Alberta College of Art and Design and I think the prairies are an awfully lovely place to grow up.

No French translation available.

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