The End

Sunday, April 12 — 7:00pm MDT
Multiple contributors

Exploring the nuances of human failure, this performance places a single individual at the centre of humanities woes as it abstracts and contemplates what it means to “end” something. Personifying “Earth” as a primate-creature and completing a series of tasks that increase in risk — never really knowing if they will be completed or not.

“In the midst of failure, we get to know ourselves.”

This multidisciplinary performance features movement, song, and performance art as it attempts to weave a thread of humanity (at its potential worst).

Date: Sunday, April 12
7:00pm MDT⁣
Streamed from: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kevin Jesuino is a Portuguese-Canadian queer multidisciplinary artist, facilitator, teacher and community organizer working in performance, installation and public art. He is based in Mohkinsis of Treaty 7 land, also known as Calgary, Canada. His work is oftentimes collaborative, site-specific, participatory, and process-oriented. His practice explores the intersection of the body, society, and place. His recent research explores the queer body, climate, and modes of being together. His community-embedded projects engage participants in performative actions, discussions, creative interventions, activations and other forms of organizing -- positioning art & culture as a vehicle for meaningful social change.

The End


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