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Not funny,  too expensive:

An adaptation of a couple cancellations  

The date is March 21 in any year you like. ANG and BUB are hanging out in their “windowless” (there is a window but it opens to reveal the exterior of the neighbouring building) studio. It is lit with numerous incandescent light sources, so it feels vaguely cozy. ANG is cross-legged on the floor hunched over a laptop. BUB is swivelling around ANG in an office chair. A low frequency building hum occurs throughout this scene.

Coming soon.

Written by Steffanie Ling

Published by Mountain Standard Time Performative Art

Steffanie Ling is a producer of criticism, pamphlets, stories, essays, exhibitions, reviews, bluntness, anecdotes, shout outs, wrestling storylines, proposals, applications, jokes, readings, minimal poems, poems, dinner, compliments, and diatribes. Her books are NASCAR (Blank Cheque, 2016) and CUTS OF THIN MEAT (Spare Room, 2015). She is a curator at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver (unceded territories) where she frequents The Cinematheque and other air conditioned spaces.

No French translation available.

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Not funny, too expensive

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