Moments After

Special Project
Launched July 7 - 17, 2019
Multiple contributors

Part of

Produced by Jordan Schinkel
With writing by Anagram, May G N, & Teresa Tam.
Published by Mountain Standard Time Performative Art

New fragments added between July 7-17, 2019.

As the M:ST 9 Biennial progressed in September and October of 2018 it shed its own skin; the used prop, the scrawled note, the Instagram post, and the rumor were all detritus of a molting event. Gathered in this interactive publication, the biennial was captured through the documentation of these liminal fragments. Moments After presents this collection fluidly, and mirrors the distinct perspectives, bodies, actions, and voices that formed M:ST 9.

Moments After includes texts by Calgary writers Anagram, May G N, and Teresa Tam originally published on The M:ST 9 Performative Art Biennial took place from September 7 - October 7, 2018 - visit the M:ST 9 Biennial page for more information.

Thank you to Michael Tan, Pan Priebe, Alice Schoenberg, Ana Villanueva Diaz, Adrienne Rovere, Julian Zwack, Gwen Morgan, Kerry Maguire, Ryan Danny Owen, the M:ST 9 volunteers, and the SEARCH ENGINES Workshop participants.

Note: Moments After is only available on laptop and desktop computers.

Moments After


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