Institute of Durational Futures

Friday, October 21, 2016 – Wednesday, October 26, 2016 — 11:00 – 5:00pm Daily.
Stride Gallery

YAGA workshops at Stride Gallery
Saturday, October 22, 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Tuesday, October 25, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

*RSVP for either of the YAGA workshops by e-mailing

Desearch Repartment’s focus is building tools for survival and prosperity to empower world citizens with skills for successful living at the zenith of neoliberal capitalism. Indeed the DR motto, #ThinkFastDieLess, reminds us that flexible thinking is the key to the enduring viability of any pursuit. With the Neo-Lived Realist agenda and the Institute for Durational futures DR is leading the way to ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY.

YAGA was developed as a new spiritual exercise tradition, which affirms that the answers to all problems lie inside you. First you must discover the body-mind connection: the neck. The program teaches flexibility, encouraging us to say yes to everything. Through the various levels of YAGA, from Ground Zero to level 2001+, our Shock-Awes will awaken, we’ll free the inner artist, and we will discover Torture Compassion, a solution to the problem of world suffering through self-torture. With continued YAGA practice you’ll regain balance in your body, so you’ll maintain your position and tensions will be neutralized and integrated back into the system.

Our bodies are like pieces of land, we need to protect our boundaries and surveil the movement of Free Radicals and Whi to stay healthy and productive while keeping open Whi trade with other body democracies around us. When we have too many expectations, or are too rigid it’s very difficult to flexibly adapt to and generate opportunities. Drones scan the body to find areas of tension or stress, sometimes even pain, and locate where Free Radicals congregate in the muscles and deep tissue. Saying yes with a flexible neck creates Whi flow, which energizes and neutralizes whatever position you are in, making it possible to bend reality around your mind. With YAGA you will balance and invigorate your exclusive equality.

Desearch Repartment came out of a political shift in the early 2000s that coincided with the invention of relational aesthetics and the birth of the Internet. When the walls fell on 9/11 identity politics also fell away, opening up a new sense of cultural, political, and social relativity where artistic colonization could flourish. Through the combined genesis of social media and social practices, the commodification of human relations became a stepping stone on which DR built its foundation, laying the groundwork for the Institute for Durational Futures and the ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY.

Recent activities: Motivate – Stop Torturing Your Selfie, Innovate – Creative Prison Solutions, and Captivate – Art Fairs for Lifeworkshops; conventions in Geneva, Cologne, Cleveland, and London (in 2017); the Ein Rand/One Border: Defining Community through Neo-Lived Realism conference and Neo-Lived Realism and the City: New Artistic Strategies of the DR bus tour; and curation of the forthcoming Guantanamo Art Fair in Cuba.

Institute of Durational Futures


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