Friday, October 19, 2012 — 9:00pm
Springboard ContainR

Duplex is an ongoing investigation of spaces, and the people who exist, coexist, or who have previously existed within them. By dancing the space as if it were a duplex where walls barely separate existence, emotion, longing, remembering, and motion, how much do we consciously or subconsciously affect each other? How much does our space determine what we do and how we feel?

Gerry Morita (Canada) is a dancer, choreographer, performance artist and teacher whose body of work involves continuous inquiry into new ways of seeing movement, sound, and the spaces between us. She studies and teaches contact improvisation, Noguchi Taiso and other somatic-based techniques. As Artistic Director of Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, Alberta for the past five years, she has worked with artists from all disciplines in a vast array of both conventional and site specific venues, and she recently completed an MFA at University of Alberta in Theatre Practice.

Lin Snelling (Canada) is a dancer, improviser, choreographer and teacher with an interest in relationship and re-invention in her work, which often involves creating with artists from other disciplines. Lin has performed with Carbone 14 (1989–2001) touring extensively both nationally and internationally. Her most recent collaborations are Loop Thing with composer Michael Reinhart, performed at the Fluid Festival in Calgary, Performing Book with the visual artist Shelagh Keeley, and Repeating Distance with the dramaturge Guy Cools. Lin teaches movement in the Drama Department at University of Alberta and collaborates with many Edmonton-based companies.

Shawn Pinchbeck (Canada) has been active since 1984 as an electroacoustic composer, sound artist, video artist, performer, installation artist, teacher, curator, sound engineer, and consultant. His current works centre around computer vision, real-time and studio based acousmatic music composition, interactivity, video, multi-channel sound, and live performance. Shawn’s film scores and compositions have toured wildly. Since the mid-1990’s, many of his works have explored various aspects of user/performer interactivity and sound; recently this has centred on works that use software for translating motion to sound.

A native of the beautiful city of Edmonton, Patrick Arès-Pilon (Canada) enjoys walking the streets contemplating the innate beauty of sound, light and the movement of things. Lover of film, Patrick is interested in its preservation, its disintegration and its projection. A Franco-Albertan, Patrick founded and organized the Store Front Cinema, a community / arts site-specific festival in Edmonton, The Tivoli Theater, screenings showing the film footage, and has collaborated widely with his analog effects, with musicians, composers, dancers , and other filmmakers. He has collaborated with Mile Zero Dance over the past three years.



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