Adam Waldron-Blain plays Nothing But the Hits

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Friday, September 26, 2014 - Saturday, October 11, 2014

Adam Waldron Blain plays nothing but the hits takes place in a claustrophobic space nonetheless recognizable as one for the consumption of artistic practices, stripped of the comforts of audience. The emotional content of the songs can be interpreted as artificial or as authentic, but regardless of the interpretation the reading is rendered as absurd and difficult through repetition—one old song, for three hours.

Performed at various locations and times during the festival.

Photo by Chelsea Boos at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Adam Waldron-Blain is a famous artist in Edmonton. Last year he created an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Alberta, and showed works at Harcourt House, Xpace External Space (Toronto), Whippersnapper Gallery (Toronto) and made work on residency at SÍM (Reykjavík). In recent years he performed at Dirt City¦Dream City in downtown Edmonton, made work in Banff, Toronto, and Glasgow during residencies, and his artworks, performances, and games appeared at events and exhibitions in Bristol, Calgary, Glasgow, Oakland, San Antonio, and around Edmonton.

Adam Waldron-Blain plays Nothing But the Hits


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