Solutions to the Problem of Staying Alive

Special Project
January - December, 2020
Somewhere between being and not being and breathing, straddling humour, hopefulness and despair: Solutions to the Problem of Staying Alive.


Special Project
November 2019 - Ongoing
Unfolding durationally and spatially, as a socially activated thought-space, The Blue Light begins to circulate like a provisional interface in the staging of imaginary situations.

Research Fellowship: Mutual Aid

Special Project
Bianca Guimarães de Manuel and Qian Cheng will be researching mutual aid and resource distribution practices outside of the non-profit sphere.

crossing blue

Special Project
Accessible on the main page of the M:ST website, crossing blue is influenced by Shyra DeSouza's move from Calgary to Berlin, and the kind of re-orientation process through which their practice has had to be translated as it shifted in-between these two global positions.

the opposite of a look is a kiss

Special Project
"To look and touch are two sides of the same objective. Sometimes a persons objective is simply to look but do not touch, or touch but do not see..."

Kaffeeklatsch Scheinpräparat

Special Project
Drawing from the psychotropic properties of these plants*, the Kaffeeklatsch Scheinpräparat (30 mL) can be used like a portable, imaginary mind garden where one can nourish ongoing fictions and their potential to re-articulate spaces and situations from everyday life.

Bodily Response

Special Project
April 1 - May 14, 2020
A live stream series created in response to the impact that our community is experiencing worldwide due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

Not funny, too expensive

Special Project
Launches Thursday, August 29, 2019 ⁠between 8:30pm - 10:00pm
This radio podcast script speculates on the conversations that overlap between a group of friends, LEE, BUB, ANG, and JET.

Moments After

Special Project
Launched July 7 - 17, 2019
Presented in this interactive publication, the M:ST 9 biennial was captured through the documentation of liminal fragments.

Homo-Sighting: Consent & Refusal of Queer Performance in Ryan Danny Owen's LOVE ME LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW

Special Project
Intimate musings on the complexity of performing queer bodies in a comparison of Ryan Danny Owen's performance in M:ST 9, Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow, and William E. Jones' TEAROOM.
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