M:ST 10 Writer: Alicia Buates McKenzie

September 2020
Alicia will join us during M:ST 10 as the Biennial Writer in Residence.

M:ST 10 Residency: Jessica Karuhanga

July 2020
Jessica will be hosted by the Directors of the RAVY Bienniale in Cameroun.

M:ST 10 Residency: Zeus Bascon

Zeus will be hosted by M:ST and Stride Gallery in Calgary.

M:ST 10 Residency: Halie Finney

April - May 2020
Halie will be hosted by Catalyst Arts in Northern Ireland.

M:ST 10 Residency: Brennagh Meehan

April 2020
Brennagh will be hosted by M:ST in Calgary and traveling throughout Alberta.

M:ST 10 Residency: Landry Mbassi

Landry will be hosted by M:ST in Calgary, and traveling throughout Alberta.

M:ST 10 Residency: Stephanie Comilang

January 26 - February 23, 2020
Stephanie will be hosted by Kamias Special Projects in the Philippines during the 3rd Kamias Triennial.

M:ST 10 Residency: KC Wei

November 17 - December 14, 2019
KC was hosted by the Directors of Asiatopia in Thailand where she traveled, lectured, and performed throughout the country.

Residency: Jin-me Yoon

2018 - 2020
M:ST and TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary are proud to work with artist Jin-me Yoon on the creation of the video work "Untunneling Vision" (working title), shot on location in Calgary.

M:ST 9 Writer: Steffanie Ling

2018 - 2019
Capturing the zeitgeist of the biennial, our M:ST 9 writer-in-residence and Vancouver-based author Steffanie Ling will produce a written work published in a post-biennial reflection.
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