Sun setting on the Passchendaele film set during Jin-me Yoon's residency and video shoot as the crew prepares to wrap for the day.

In reflection of the ups and downs of 2019, we’re taking a moment to celebrate everyone who has shared the joys and challenges of working in community this year. We’re so grateful for your talents, mistakes, generosity, and trust. Roll credits!

Thank you to...

Steffanie Ling, for writing not funny, too expensive, a podcast play script that was written in response to M:ST 9. To launch the publication, M:ST produced a recorded excerpt which stars voice actors Mike Tan and Jenna Rodgers. Thank you to Henry Heng Lu for contributed the Simplified Chinese translation and CJSW 90.9’s Paula Fayerman who interviewed Steffanie on her show Noise for the live publication launch.

Read it online: Steffanie Ling - Not funny, too expensive
Listen to the launch: Noise – Episode August 29, 2019

Jordan Schinkel, for creating Moments After, an interactive online publication that chronicled the M:ST 9 Biennial in floating liminal fragments, and then went on to rebuild our entire website, and became our newest permanent part-time staff member. You’re amazing Jordan!

Browse the publication here: Moments After

Rita McKeough: Works launch with Art Metropole featured an open discussion with Rita McKeough and Diana Sherlock.

To Rita McKeough and Diana Sherlock for celebrating each other at all of the launches for Rita Mckeough: Works this year. A million thanks to Vicki Chau at EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society for continuing to be the absolute champion of this project. To all the organizations that have hosted launches this year and their incredible teams: Western Front, Art Metropole, Artexte, SAW Gallery, Nickle Galleries, and the Alberta University of the Arts.

Cross Attic Directors Antonín Brinda, Petr Dlouhý, Klaudie Osičková, Mirek Buddha, and everyone else who contributed their work to Performance Crossings. Thank you for trusting our Artistic Director, Desiree Nault, with her first international speaking opportunity and finding her places to sleep. Same goes to Curator Teena Lange, and the loft bed at Grüntaler9. And all our gratitude to Adriana Disman for getting M:ST there in the first place.

Some of the cast and crew sit down for a well-deserved meal following the shoot of "Untunneling Vision" (working title) produced during Jin-me Yoon's residency alongside the "Relation Making" workshop.

This year we worked with Jin-me Yoon to produce the workshop Relation Making in the Context of Racism & Settler Colonialism. Over the last two years Jin-me has taught us so much about generosity and working with integrity, it’s always a pleasure to be learning with her. This project would not have been possible without Knowledge Keepers Glenna Cardinal, seth cardinal dodginghorse, and Marie Dodginghorse, and the guidance and warmth of Elder Ethel Jacobs who grounded and nurtured us all.

Sharon Kahanoff was the extraordinary Production Manager who produced Jin-me’s entire 16 day film shoot and residency.

Drawings produced by Graphic Recorder Tiaré Jung in response to conversation during the "Relation Making" workshop. Visit our website to view the high resolution images!
Drawings produced by Graphic Recorder Tiaré Jung in response to conversation during the "Relation Making" workshop. Visit our website to view the high resolution images!

Jin-me Yoon with the workshop participants on the last day of the "Relation Making in the Context of Racism and Settler-Colonialism" workshop.

Jin-Sun Yoon led the workshop, with help from Graphic Recorder, Tiaré Jung and Workshop Assistant, Richelle Bear Hat. Thank you to performers, Cateri Dodginghorse, Palmer Olson, Richelle Bear Hat, Marie Dodginghorse, Glenna Cardinal, Ethel Jacobs, Ana Villanueva, Areum Kim, Gwenessa Lam, Sachin Sudra, David McGonigal, Ursula Sokol, Nathan Pohan, Asmaa al-issa, Stephanie Wong Ken, Pan Priebe, Brandon Anderson, Alicia Buates McKenzie, Nikki Martens, Mike Tan, Teresa Tam, Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, Ann Le, Alberta Rose, Yuii Savage, Kirsten Cardinal, and Marshall Two Guns. Thank you to our talented lead performers and musicians Hanum Yoon-Henderson and seth cardinal dodginghorse.

Ian McColl, Public Relations Manager at KGL Constructors safely shepherded us through filming on the ring road construction site. Anna Semenoff for building the props. Gwenessa Lam, who contributed so many hours and much expertise to covert late night experimental photography processes. Ginger Carlson helped us write the initial grant and administrate the project, and Missy LeBlanc for help on Day 3 of the workshop. Palmer Olson for patience with all the last minute errands and requests for supplies.

Our videographer for the shoot was Ian Barbour and photographer was Noel Bégin. It would be impossible to reward them for their talents and again, patience throughout the process.

Thank you to Lacey’s Catering, Taste of Korea, Spolumbo's and Sharon’s Dad (who makes famous cookies) who kept us fed and hearty.  Thank you to local sponsor CJSW 90.9 for donating some of the video equipment.

Passersby enjoying tea and mochi during the second iteration of Teresa Tam's "2 cents cart," presented as part of the Fare Trade Fundraiser curated by Signy Holm.

This year our Curatorial Intern, Signy Holm, organized Fare Trade, featuring artists Teresa Tam (2 cents cart) and Taylor Harder (Mother’s Preserves, presented with help from: Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand, Morgan Klettle, Callie Klettle, and Jaime McDonald). Thanks to photographers Sergio Garcia-Palma and David McGonigal.

KC Wei works with Chumpon Apisuk during her recent M:ST 10 residency in Chiang Mai, Nan, and Bangkok, Thailand

While the M:ST 10 residencies have only just begun, these individuals have a have agreed to go on the journey with us and make 2020 so incredible:

Thank you to Chumpon Apisuk, Noi Apisuk, Padungsak Kochsomrong and everyone who made KC Wei’s residency in November and December of this year so extraordinary.

Patrick Cruz, Allison Collins, and Su Ying Lee from Kamias Special Projects.

Catalyst Arts: Emma Brennan, Anna Mager, and Liam McCartan who have already hosted our Artistic Director during their fabulous FIX19 biennial of live art in September and October of this year.

Landry Mbassi, Olivier Fokoua of Ravy Biennial and the Palettes du Kamer collective who make the Biennial possible.

And our local sister organizers, Natasha Chaykowski and Kaylee Maciejko from Untitled Art Society; Ginger Carlson, Missy LeBlanc, and Kablusiak from TRUCK Contemporary Art; Areum Kim and Conrad Marion from Stride Gallery; and Su Ying Strang, Brittany Nickerson, and Nivedita Iyer from The New Gallery.  

The artists, Landry Mbassi, Stephanie Comilang, Halie Finney, Brennagh Meehan, Jessica Karuhanga, Zeus Bascon, Jittima Pholsawek, and KC Wei. Biennial Writer-in-Residence Alicia Buates McKenzie, and Graphic Designer Courtenay Webber.

M:ST staff and board at the Fostering Equity & Brave Spaces workshop. Photo by Larissa Crawford.

Thank you to sophia bartholomew and Hannah Doerksen for their ongoing project with us and Femme Wave Visual Arts, and to Bogdan Cheta and everyone who has been involved in the The Blue Light.

Equity Consultant and Trainer: Larissa Crawford of Future Ancestors.

The people who have written about our work: Anj Fermor (Luma Quarterly, Winter 2019, Homo-Sighting: Consent & Refusal of Queer Performance in Ryan Danny Owen’s LOVE ME LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW), Adriana Disman (C Magazine, Issue 143, Composition: Skin Has Two Sides), Areum Kim (C Magazine, Issue 144, We Relate, Therefore We Are: Relation-Making in Jin-me Yoon's Practice), Ian McColl (South West Calgary Ring Road, In the Community, SWCRRTunnel Doubles as Artistic Venue), Yuii Savage (Luma Quarterly, Volume 5, Compassion and Resistance: Rita McKeough’s Works), and Didier Morelli (esse magazine, upcoming issue).

Thank you to this year's individual donors, including Erin McFarlane, Étienne Boulanger, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Alana Bartol, Phil McCutcheon, AJ Kluck, Jessie Short, Caroline Loewen, and the 124 anonymous donors who gave to the 2 cents cart Self Serve Box!

Thank you to our funders and the people who administer these grants and answer all our calls: Canada Council for the Arts, Calgary Foundation, Calgary Arts Development, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Government of Alberta, and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission.

Our friends at CommunityWise Resource Centre (we could not do this work without affordable rent), including Operations Coordinator Phil McCutcheon.

M:ST's current board members: Kaylee Maciejko (President), Ginger Carlson (Past-President), Toni Cormier (Vice-President), Mercedes Webb (Secretary), Conrad Marion (Treasurer), Missy LeBlanc, Chloe Collins, Verna Mah, Jake Klein-Waller, Ken Buera, and Jeanne Fries, and past board members Palmer Olson, Alexandria Inkster, and Bogdan Cheta.

Thank you to past Production Director Sharon Kahanoff and all of the passion she contributed to M:ST!

And of course, thanks to you, our incredible community for your unwavering support. We are continually thanking our lucky stars to be Organizers living and working among friends near and far, and we can't wait to share what 2020 has in store for M:ST.

Love from,
The M:ST Staff