The Fare Trade fundraiser finally begins today! The two projects, 2 cents cart by Teresa Tam and Mother's Preserves by Taylor Harder, will take place throughout September 2 - 29, 2019.

Fare Trade approaches contemporary performance art through the act of preparing and sharing food. Taylor Harder and Teresa Tam each navigate identity through their own connections to traditional knowledge of food, each prompting viewers to become participants through the shared human necessity of nourishment. Contextualized within a fundraising event, this project confronts issues of monetary exchange in relation to food, as well as art, in contemporary, neoliberal society. The temporal nature of art, specifically performance art, is illustrated through the impermanence and transience of foodstuffs, and our corporeal relation to it.

Click here to learn more about the Fare Trade fundraiser.

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Over the past several months, M:ST commissioned and worked with a current student, Signy Holm, to carry out this curatorial fundraiser project. Similar to our Spring Runoff fundraisers in the past (see the Fundraisers section in our Programming archive), Fare Trade consists of multiple conceptual projects. These projects are intended to raise more than just funds: community, conversation, and conviviality. Throughout the duration of the projects (September 2 - 29, 2019), we are also accepting donations online apart from the projects for those who wish to contribute more.

If you support Mountain Standard Time and what we do, please consider donating for our next Biennial in 2020. Donations help us pay our artists at or above the CARFAC standard, and support other important costs such as travel, accommodation, and more. Any amount is helpful, and we are incredibly thankful for the generous support of our community.

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