Zeus Bascon


Zeus Bascon (b.1987 | Laguna, Philippines) graduated from the College of Commerce at the University of Santo Tomas in 2008 and since 2006 has built his art career through active participation in exhibitions. Through a practice of questioning his own metaphysical relationship to the present Zeus has become attuned to a variety of apparitions, leading him to create artworks charged with folk mysticism, the supernatural, and the spiritual. His interdisciplinary practice involves the transmutation of form – extracting elements from past works and integrating them with new layers and presentation strategies in order to establish connections between the internal and external; the logistics of location; energies stored in time; and evidences of intuition. Crossing over other disciplines, such as film and fashion, lead him to further explore performative and costume works - focusing on the body, setting, materiality, movement, and labor in art production. He has participated in residency programs such as Fictive Communities Asia: Koganecho Bazaar 2014 in Yokohama, Japan and Craft Taitung Creator Exchange Program in Taitung, Taiwan in June this year. In 2018, Bascon was a recipient of the Thirteen Artists Award, granted by the Cultural Centre of the Philippines.

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M:ST 10 Residency: Zeus Bascon
July 12, 2021 - July 10, 2022
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