Yules Wai

Currently in residence

Throughout my artistic practice, Eastern culture and religion has been a big part of my influence, and in order to express it in the most natural and clean way. Research has been a major part of my daily practice. I incorporate digital media and sound that further supports it through live interactive performance and time-based installation. In my performances and installation work, I creatively combine found objects discovered from our natural environment that allows the audience to experience spirituality and culture. While performing in public, I focus holding a space in my conscious state of mind while solely relying on impulse and connection within the notion of live action. My time-based installation is often impacted through new information from the impulse and connection within the space I perform in. While spirituality reinforces the idea of human experience, my practice deals with freedom of our body, heart and soul, both physically and emotionally. My work attempts to bring the viewers in a state of reflection and uplifting experience.

No French translation available.

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