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M.E.D.I.U.M. (Canada) (Metaphysical Explorations, Divination, and Investigations Utilizing Magic) is a Lethbridge-based Trio comprised of Frater Tham (Darcy Logan), Madame Symona (Maria Madacky), and Char Latan (Leila Armstrong). We offer a broad range of services to the psychically needy, including but not limited to fortune telling, dream interpretation, séances, sin eating, and country-n‐western prophecies. We often invite other talented clairvoyant and/or esoteric individuals to accompany us in public performances. M.E.D.I.U.M. exists in the liminal spaces of our belief systems. We walk the line between faith and incredulity. In this way, we draw attention to our ability to simultaneously embrace incompatible truths. We offer our “clients” the opportunity to question their faith and credulity or release themselves from the shackles of a rational, disillusioned mind.

No French translation available.

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