Jack Bride

Currently in residence

I have found a new sensory perception within performance. It is a form of awareness, to feel when planned elements of a performance have evolved beyond the anticipatory, into a realm of here and now. This ‘here and now’ influence has the potential to change everything. Each and every performative act has its own ratio of solid to fluid, of anticipated actions to adaptive moments. Fixed, rehearsed actions are carried out, while volatile, unanticipated happenings are received and integrated.

I could be ready to arrange a performance with a tall apple tree, forming my actions around the fruit it bears. If, suddenly, lightning strikes this tree in the middle of the performance, cracking it in half, then my actions shift, now geared towards fashioning a sacred object from the singed, charged wood. What was once a ritual of honoring provisions of the Earth — in a FLASH — has changed into a ritual of preserving a gift from the Heavens.

No French translation available.

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