Devora Neumark & Léa Neumark-Gaudet


Léa Neumark-Gaudet is about to enter high school, likes sports (particularly gymnastics), and has developed a serious interest in glass beadwork. For the past year she has been volunteering at the Santropol “Meals on Wheels” program, helping to cook every Saturday for elderly shut-ins.

Devora Neumark's interdisciplinary practice includes live-art, durational performative interventions, sound and photography installations, public commissions, storytellings and community art. On several occasions she and Léa have collaborated as creative partners. Neumark currently teaches in the Masters of Interdisciplinary Art Program at Goddard College (Vermont) and co-directs the LEVIER programs of Engrenage Noir, which supports artists and community groups by working together in creative ways to address issues of mutual concern.

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Place, Sense and the Performance of Memory
Saturday, October 8, 2005 - Saturday, October 15, 2005
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