Alberto Kurapel

Currently in residence

My performances since 1981 were built around the concept of collage, recuperation, and hybridization, always working to recycle not only material elements but also sounds, images, excerpts from pre- existing art works, or from classical texts to find new associations touching the collective memory.

In my art, I conceive the performance as an expression of my marginalization and my vulnerability. This is revealed in my creations to recombine all my social conditions: a Latin-American immigrant artist handicapped in the language, culture and identity, using all the scenic languages to express the collective unconscious (new bodies, new relationships among texts, languages, gestural, and signs to break into pieces the barrier which blocks the expression and comprehension of the artistic expression of the Other).

Through my creation I have always shown my wounds, my pain and social suffering, and I think by sharing them the artistic way helped me to survive, overcome my vulnerability, become reborn, and develop a kind of resilience through the performance art.

The theories and studies about my creation place me as a postmodern performance artist, and the manipulation of materials and pre-existing works is a fundamental characteristic in my practice, coming from my vision of life, my exile in Canada, my work as monad, as a foreigner, as a fragmented person who saw his art in the way of hybridization and recycling forms. This life experience influences me in a different way to approach life and art.

In my previous works, you can find my texts and actions mixed with poems of Canadian artists, cinema sequences from other artists, including reproduction of pictures similar to Roberto Matta, Pablo Picasso, Rebeca Matte, mixing classical music with popular and folk songs, texts by Canadian poets, etc..

I can say that my performances were inspired by others; by the Otherness. I always worked with my memory identities and from my new vision of the Latin-American Performance.

If I am identified as a postmodern artist, I only say that I am a marginal artist that makes his art beginning from his impregnation of memory, social wounds, exploring issues from my present, the distance, my physical and social vulnerability, which gave to me a new scenic reality, inside The Performance Art to understand the human being in a society in which justice lives forever.

Thank you so much.

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